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Chase Utley and Pat Burrell are bro-ing out with a Super Bowl slip 'n' slide

Utley and Burrell bro out with slip 'n' slide

How's your Super Bowl party shaping up? Are the wings delicious? Are the commercials funny? Are those sneaky pizza rolls burning the top of your mouth because you're too impatient to let them cool?

Doesn't matter. Your Super Bowl party is not as much fun as Chase Utley's Super Bowl party. The Phillies second baseman took to Instagram to display what can only be described as a cinematic masterpiece: A video of former Phillies outfielder Pat Burrell cruising down a slip 'n' slide on the beach with an umbrella drink in his hand.

Rob Gronkowski would be so proud.

Super Bowl slip n' slide

A video posted by @therealchaseutley on

It starts off subtle and mysterious, then builds toward a deliberate apex and the payoff is equally tranfixing and beautiful. If they don't amend the Oscar regulations to include this World Wonder as one of the nominees for Best Documentary Short, then everything is all a sham and life as we know it is meaningless.