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Check out ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte's Cthulhu-like glove

Check out ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte's glove

Some people, whether through great genetics, some sort of supernatural miracle or merely from walking into a bath of gamma rays, are given golden arms that allow them to hurl balls with enough speed, movement and trickery to get professional hitters out. 

Somehow, relief pitcher Pat Venditte has two of them. Tossing from both the left and the right side, ensuring that he always has the platoon advantage no matter the batter, Venditte is currently in camp with the Athletics on a Minor League deal. 

To go along with the special rules created for Venditte, which state that the pitcher cannot change his throwing hand during an at-bat, there had to be a special glove created for him as well. It looks a little like a baseball version of Lovecraft's many-tentacled Cthulhu monster. 

Honestly, if you were to put that in P.T. Barnum's museum, it would not look out of place next to all the other circus curiosities. 

As for whether Venditte and his octupus-like glove will find success in Oakland, that remains to be seen. The reliever was unable to crack the Yankees bullpen despite a 2.64 ERA across Double-A and Triple-A, but he now joins a team who were third best at exploiting the platoon advantage. (Although New York ranked second).

For now, we can simply sit back and look forward to watching big league batters react when Venditte steps on the mound during Spring Training games. 

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