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Chipper Jones' assembly of a basketball hoop went somewhat less-than-perfectly

Chipper Jones, freshly retired after a legendary 19-year career, is getting down to some household business with his newfound free time. A recent project was putting together a driveway basketball hoop, but as he tweeted on Thursday, the finished product contained a fatal flaw:

We're not exactly sure how a fold-out stepladder managed to entangle itself with the structure; the most plausible scenario would seem to be that he assembled it on the ground using the ladder to elevate the pole while he affixed the backboard and rim. It's hard to imagine why he would have threaded the pole through the ladder's handle though.

Well, no matter the reason, Chipper didn't get to where he is based on his skill in constructing home athletic equipment. He just might have to think twice if he was hoping this would be a new career for him.

-- Dan Wohl /

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