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Chris Bassitt to give away White Sox gear following trade to Athletics

If you're still shopping for Christmas gifts for a special White Sox fan in your life, head to Twitter and retweet former Sox farmhand Chris Bassitt now.

Bassitt, one of several players traded to Oakland in the Jeff Samardzija deal, is giving away sweatshirts, fleeces, shorts and other clothing over social media.

The reason is simple.

"I have like four White Sox sweatshirts in my bag right now and I was like, 'Where am going to wear that now and not look stupid?'" Bassitt said.

The Minor Leaguer's tweet had been retweeted more than 2,200 times about two hours after he sent it out.

Here's just a sample of the kind of White Sox gear that you, yes, you could win in photo supplied by the pitcher: 


More White Sox

Even more

Bassitt said he and family members would look over the retweets in the next couple of days and pick winners, with the hope that everyone receives their prize before Christmas.

The amount of winners won't be anything "ridiculous," Bassitt said, but he knows White Sox fans will get more use out of the clothes than he will.

'I have so much of that stuff laying around at home that I'd much rather give it to people who will wear it and get use out of it than keep it in a closet for years," he said.