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Chris Davis ripped his pants trying to steal, so he went back to crushing homers

Chris Davis does not attempt to steal bases often. As such, he doesn't successfully steal bases all that much. Perhaps he's too busy hitting home runs -- he's never stolen more than four bases in a season.

Davis was 2-for-4 on swipes this season headed into Wednesday night's Rays-Orioles game. Standing on first after a single in the second inning, Davis decided to tempt fate. He hurled his 6-foot-3, 240-pound frame toward second, seeking his third steal of 2015.

It did not go terribly well.


Not only was Davis thrown out by J.P. Arencibia, he ripped a hole in his pants in the process, making for an all-around rotten stolen base attempt.

So, as if to say "enough of these cursed basepaths," Davis went right back to mashing homers.

In the third inning, he launched a two-run dinger that tied the game at four:

And then, really fueled by the fury of his failed SB attempt, Davis obliterated a baseball for the O's walkoff in the 11th inning: 


Hey, we all have our strengths.