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Citi Field may have experienced one of the shortest rain delays ever

On a cool and rainy Thursday night, the Mets and Brewers found themselves tied at one going into the 11th inning -- not exactly the best conditions to play baseball. When the skies opened with a torrential downpour, the umpires sent the teams to the clubhouse for a rain delay. 

Only problem: nobody told the grounds crew. 

Rain Delay

"What? What's that? You want a train to pay? A Bane display? Some T-Pain to play?"

After a brief discussion and a check of the weather radar, the umpires ultimately called off the delay, bringing the players back onto the field. 

Rain Delay 2

In total, the rain delay lasted slightly longer than three minutes, or, just enough time to pull up an episode of Orange is the New Black and have to turn it off.