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Clayton Kershaw made Bartolo Colon swing out of his helmet, so you know he's really good

Photo via Arturo Pardavila/

Clayton Kershaw struck out 11 batters, allowed just three hits and didn't surrender a single walk in the Dodgers' 3-0 win over the Mets. He's now pitched three straight starts without giving up a walk. He's gone 29 innings without allowing a run, taking after teammate Zack Greinke -- and he has 42 strikeouts over that time. So sure, he has the numbers.

But you know how we can tell Kershaw is really good? Because he did this:


The other 41 strikeouts were impressive, but only this one made Bartolo Colon, who is proving this year that he's no guaranteed out, swing out of his helmet. Seriously, Kershaw took down this guy on three straight pitches:


That's how you know he's good.