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Terry Collins' wife thinks he should have put Familia in earlier during World Series Game 4

Collins' wife would have used Familia for 6 outs

Coming into the eighth inning of World Series Game 4, the Mets were up, 3-2. Tyler Clippard got the first out by getting Alcides Escobar to ground out. Clippard then walked Ben Zobrist and Lorenzo Cain. After a meeting on the mound, Clippard left and Jeurys Familia came in, but both runners eventually came around to score anyway. All told, in the eighth, the Royals picked up three runs, good for a comeback 5-3 win.

But according to Terry Collins' wife, Debbie, none of this would have happened if Collins had just listened to her. Here's what the Mets skipper told's Anthony DiComo:

"I brought [Familia] in Los Angeles for six outs, and you guys crucified me. So now I didn't bring him in, and I'm getting crucified because I didn't bring him in. But that's the nature of the beast around here, that's what it's all about. This game's about what you should have done when something didn't work.

"Debbie told me that on the way home, 'Why didn't you bring in Familia last night?' I said, 'Where were you when the decision was being made?' 'I was getting a taco.' So it's really simple, but it's not. Because we know we've got to play tonight, and if he goes two last night, that's back-to-back and I probably may not have him tonight, and tonight may have been the biggest turnaround. We don't know."

We blame tacos. They're just too delicious! If Debbie Collins hadn't been thinking about eating one, maybe she could have psychically transmitted her idea to her husband, and then who knows how Game 4 might have ended?

See if tacos also have something to do with World Series Game 5, on FOX tonight. Coverage begins at 8 p.m. 

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