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Congrats to Hank the Ballpark Pup, your 2014 Dog of the Year award winner

Hank the Ballpark Pup wins 2014 Dog of the Year award

One year ago, Hank was cold and alone -- a stray pup who had wandered into the Brewers' Spring Training facility looking for a place to sleep. Days later, Hank not only had found a family in the Brewers organization, but he had become an Internet sensation who was loved all around the world.

He got a brand new house, complete with slide

Took meetings with Brewers GM Doug Melvin: 


And was loved no matter what. Even when he refused to run:


Or was too sleepy to fly around the entire world delivering presents in a single night

Hank Santa

By the end of the year, he had helped raise over $130,000 for the Humane Society. Not too shabby for someone who lacks opposable thumbs: 

On Thursday night, the pup finished his magical year with the airing of the World Dog Awards. The entire dog world was behind him. WARNING: ADORABLE PICTURES OF PUPPIES AHEAD. TURN BACK NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN. 

Even cats, the sworn enemies of dogs everywhere, showed their support. Well, as much as a cat can, I suppose: 

Hank showed up in his finest splendor

And met one of the stars from "The Dog with a Blog," the show about a dog who is both a hero and a threat to job security for every Internet writer out there: 

So when it came time to award the Golden Fire Hydrant for Dog of the Year, well, there was only one option:

So congrats, Hank! And not to put too much pressure on you right after your victory, but what's in store for this year? Break the record for most tennis balls in the mouth? Captain the first mission to Mars? Broker a worldwide peace accord following a 12-hour petting session?

Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked by any of these. 

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