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90-degree temperatures for postseason games? Just cool down with some frozen beer

Imagine, if you can, trying to survive 95-degree days on Oct. 4th. 

In fact, you don't have to imagine it. Because that was the mid-day temperature on Saturday in Los Angeles before the Dodgers' Game 2 matchup against the Cardinals. Fortunately, there was one way for fans to cool off at Dodger Stadium: frozen beer.

Before you begin imagining beer-flavored push-up pops (note to self: invent beer-flavored push-up pops), it's not the actual beer that's frozen solid. Rather, after your beer is poured, a frozen beer foam is swirled on top to keep the suds cool. 

You know, I never know saw Frozen, but I'm pretty sure I'd go to the midnight opening of Frozen Beer