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Credit this guy with an assist on Wise's questionable catch

With two outs in the seventh inning of Tuesday's game, Jack Hannahan lifted a fly ball toward Yankee Stadium's left-field stands.

Dewayne Wise flew into the crowd, and third-base umpire Chris DiMuro ruled that the left fielder made a clean catch to end the inning.

Only thing is, he didn't.

Replays showed that the ball hit off the heel of Wise's glove and rolled to Vinnie Pellegrino of West Islip, NY, who attended the game with Sal Azzariti. They gave the ball to a youngster named Ben Pikor from Denville, NJ, who was at Yankee Stadium with his cousin Emily Wisneski.

"Dewayne was just coming into the seats," said Pellegrino. "And it hit the seats, and then the ball hit something -- whether it hit him or the seats -- but it ended up in my hand."

Wise actually ran back to the Yankees dugout with no ball in his glove.

Said DiMuro after the game: "I went out on the ball and saw the ball into his glove in his stands. He disappeared into the stands, and I believed that the ball was in his glove. In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball, since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision."