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Cup check: Home-plate umpire takes a wild pitch where you don't want to take a wild pitch

In the bottom of the eighth inning of the Royals' 3-2 extra-inning triumph over the Angels, Wade Davis threw a wild pitch to Mike Trout which ricocheted off the dirt, flew straight under catcher Salvador Perez, and directly into home plate umpire Paul Nauert's lap. 

Feel for the guy, this does not look pretty. 


Perez seemed to lose the ball amidst the chaos, and Chris Iannetta advanced safely to second after having walked to start the inning. One man's gain, another man's wincing, ground-stomping pain. To his credit, Nauert was able to shake off the blow and remain in the game.

Let's take a look at this from another angle:


Nope, nevermind, no thank you. We never want to see this again. Paul Nauert, you're a trooper.