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From Curb Your Enthusiasm to the Seinfeld gang, it was a great Draft night for Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld pop up on draft night

It all began innocently enough. The Pirates -- as we've heard teams often do -- selected their chosen player in the first round of the MLB Draft: Kevin Newman, shortstop, University of Arizona. Newman is a person who is good at baseball, the Pirates are a baseball team attempting to be as good as possible. So far, so good.

And then, as Pittsburgh announced its third-round pick -- Kevin Kramer, another shortstop from UCLA -- it dawned on us all: The Pirates were stealthily trying to reassemble the entire cast of Seinfeld on their roster. The Internet, as you might imagine, was all too ready to investigate:


Unfortunately, no Jacopo Petermans were found in the eligible Draft pool, so the dream died. Probably for the best though, as this might've gotten a little awkward:

But "Draft Day 2015: 2 Larry 2 David" was far from over. For soon, the Dodgers would draft one Kyle Funkhouser -- a right-handed pitcher from Louisville, yes, but more importantly, the namesake of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"'s noted dispenser of refrigerator etiquette Marty Funkhouser:

So, was all this a coincidence, and most likely not a plot to slowly replace baseball players with sitcom characters? Perhaps. But may we offer another, equally plausible explanation: