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Update: The We Follow Lucas Duda Instagram account is still following Lucas Duda

Granderson posts new video to @WeFollowLucasDuda

Perhaps you thought it was a joke when Curtis Granderson, John Mayberry Jr. and Danny Muno launched @WeFollowLucasDuda, dedicated to the everyday happenings of the Mets' first baseman. Perhaps you thought they were merely kidding, just a practical joke to bring some levity to the locker room during a long season. "Surely," you told yourself, "they can't actually always follow Lucas Duda? " And, sure enough, the account was dark for five weeks after the World Series came to a close.

But on Wednesday, Granderson returned with a message: They will never stop. Prepare yourselves for We Follow Lucas Duda 2: The Following. This time, there will be Legos, apparently.

Wefollowlucasduda offseason post Thanks @oyosports

A video posted by Lucas Duda (@wefollowlucasduda) on

In their defense, Lucas, they did try to warn you.

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