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Cut4 offseason primer: All you need to know with our handy transaction glossary

Cut4's handy offseason transaction glossary

We know that the offseason can be a confusing time for baseball fans. After all, there are hundreds of reports and rumors flying, most of them rife with hard-to-understand jargon. 

We're here to help. So next time you pull up Twitter and don't know how to react to the latest breathless speculation and innuendo, here are a few key terms to know:

Here are a few key terms to know:

According to a team executive - Concessions manager held a paper cup up to a door and is reporting back what he thinks he heard. 

Team is "considering" player - When asked about a player, the GM says "Yeah, I've heard of him before. What's he up to these days?"

Shown interest - Team has passed the player a folded up note that asks, "We like you. Do you like us?" With Yes, No and Maybe boxes to be checked off by the person of interest. 

Sources say - A man who once knew the player back in high school overheard something in the grocery store.

Sorcerers say - The reporter has contacted a mage, warlock and/or alchemist to gaze into the future and predict a signing.

Meeting with - Team has drinks scheduled for later this week, but are kind of hoping the player cancels so they can stay home and watch Netflix. 

Have inquired - Team has just realized they don't have the phone number for the player and don't know his agent. Frantically looking for team employee who is Facebook friends with the free agent.

In serious talks - Team and player are having a passionate debate on what season of Mad Men was best. Team says Season 3 while player argues that he doesn't think of them as separate pieces, but as essential building blocks to character growth. 

Team X is "in pursuit" of player- The team is in the middle of chasing the player through a field. If they catch him, he's theirs. 

Have deal in place - There is a contract hidden somewhere in the city. The ballplayer has one hour to solve the clues and retrieve the contract. If he fails, the offer will be hidden again, but with 30 percent of the overall value subtracted from it.

Signed - Player has signed a document, likely a contract, with the team. However, this could mean a number of things. Perhaps he was signing items for the owner's child's school fundraiser. Be wary of this language.

Deal confirmed - This has happened. Probably.

DFA - Designated for assignment. Often, after acquiring a player, the team needs to make room on their 40-man roster by trading, releasing or outrighting a different player. Designating that player for assignment gives the team 10 days to make a decision.

DFA DFA 1979 - A player that is designated for assignment while listening to the new Death From Above 1979 album. 

Team/player/mutual option included: After contract expires, either the team, player or both can decide if they want to continue for another season at a previously agreed upon rate.

Option - Player has endless options. Like whether to retire. Or get a hamburger. Or take a nap. Free will, baby! (Though some will argue that there is no such thing as free will and we are merely governed by chemical reactions and trained behaviors.)

Option quarterback - This is a different sport. How did you get to this website?