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Cut4 Postseason Primer: From pies to Puigs, here's what you can expect this October

Cut4 Postseason Primer: What to expect in October

From 30 World Series hopefuls, only a few remain. Click through to see what your favorite team has been up to this season and what you can expect in October. We'll be updating as more teams clinch, but here's the first set of clubs who've punched their ticket to the postseason.

Baltimore Orioles: Pies, "Presidents" and people named "Camden Yards"



Detroit Tigers: Victor Martinez, veteran leadership and a very talented beard



Kansas City Royals: The flashy Alex Gordon, the flamethrowing Yordano Ventura and the fortuitous fan Lorde



Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Trout, trolling and the rise of the Machine



Los Angeles Dodgers: Pitching dominance, playful Scully-isms and Puig bat flips



Oakland Athletics: Smart trades, a sterling season from Josh Donaldson, and that smooth, smooth sax


Pittsburgh Pirates: A battle among pierogies, a breakout from Josh Harrison and a beautiful performance from Burgh Man



San Francisco Giants: Pence's swing, Bumgarner's slams and Lincecum's 'stache



St. Louis Cardinals: The dominant Yadier Molina, the destinctive Adam Wainwright and the dashing Don Draper



Washington Nationals: Powerhouse pitching, punished presidents and the most piliferous fan in MLB