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D-backs fans share not-so-intimate first date

Baseballs weren't the only things flying across the sky during Tuesday's D-backs game -- love was in the air too.

In case first dates aren't awkward enough, how about having yours broadcast for all to see?

This couple (we're assuming best-case scenario) became the star of their own reality TV show when their sign caught the eye of the announcers.

Even more embarrassing, the broadcast posted a poll asking whether there'd be a second date. (We vote yes. She's totally into him -- see: playing with hair).

When confronted on live TV, she also confirmed she'd be willing to go out with him again. We're glad to hear it because the evening got off to a rough start. His car broke down, so she had to pick him up. Things could have ended right there, but true love conquers all.

Do you think these two will go on a second date?

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