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Dallas Braden is now Willy Wonka or Kleinfeld from 'Carlito's Way'

Image via @DALLASBRADEN209

You probably remember Dallas Braden as the guy who feuded with A-Rod and then threw a perfect game on Mother's Day in 2010 (or as the guy who flashed his tummy tattoo on the infield).

Back then, he looked like this:


Braden has retired from Major League Baseball and is enjoying a healthy second act as a baseball analyst for ESPN. And he's doing so ... in style.

That perm ... that suit ... it makes you say, "Man, that guy looks ridiculous, but I know I've seen him somewhere before." Luckily, you live in the future where people flocked to Twitter to point out all of Dallas Braden's hilarious doppelgangers:

Regardless of which doppelganger camp you fall into, at least take the time to respect the knowledge while making Willy Wonka/Sean Penn jokes, because Braden still knows his stuff.