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Daniel Murphy swears he's from planet Earth ... which is EXACTLY what an alien would say

Daniel Murphy has been putting up postseason numbers big enough to see from space, which is a good thing, because that might be where most of his friends, family, loved ones and fellow prawns are watching him tear it up for the Mets.

The NLCS MVP hit a home run in six straight games spanning the first two series of the 2015 postseason, and has been hitting so well -- .421 AVG, 7 HR, 11 RBIs, 11 R -- that his teammate Curtis Granderson jokingly said that it's been a pleasure playing with Babe Ruth.

So, at a recent World Series press conference, Murphy was finally asked to address the questions that were on everyone's minds: What planet is he from, and how is he so effective at concealing the fact that he's an intergallactic explorer from a galaxy filled with baseball demigods.

Reporter: There are some people in this clubhouse who are saying, "What planet is this guy from?" They're talking about you.
Murphy: Earth. Planet Earth.
Reporter: What part of the Earth?
Murphy: Jacksonville, Fla.

Riiiiiiiight. We're supposed to believe that a .288 lifetime hitter from Jacksonville with a grand total of 62 home runs to his name just up and decided to crank seven dingers over the course of his first nine career postseason games? Seriously dude ... where is your mothership and what did you do with the real Daniel Murphy?

(That mask he's wearing isn't even that convincing ... )