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Danny Espinosa becomes a frog to rob Jung Ho Kang of a hit

By the time Jung Ho Kang came to bat for the Pirates in the bottom of the fifth of their game against the Nationals on Friday, his team had already scored three runs that inning. The score was 5-4 Pittsburgh, with two outs, when Kang rocketed a pitch from Max Scherzer right toward third.

Danny Espinosa didn't have much time to react. In what must've felt like a nanosecond, he had to look deep inside himself and channel a power only he could know exists within his heart. If he was going to rob Kang of a hit and end the inning, he would have to morph into … a frog.

A frog?

Yes, a frog.

And that's what he did. Espinosa sprang off his legs and leapt into the air, his arm outstretched like a tongue, and snatched the ball right out of the air.


It ended the inning, but the Pirates only extended their lead later in the game, eventually winning 7-5. Next time, Espinosa will have to bring out the Ninja Zords.