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David Ortiz maybe thinks Noah Syndergaard's nickname is 'Thork'

Ortiz might think Syndergaard's nickname is 'Thork'

On Sunday, the Red Sox and the Mets concluded their first-ever series at Citi Field. This gave the two teams the chance to get to know each other, maybe even to form some lifelong friendships. After Noah Syndergaard singled in the second inning, he felt like he got to know David Ortiz pretty well:

But maybe introductions were a little scrambled, because Big Papi isn't 100 percent sure what to call his new bestie:

Looks like it's time for a Cut4 Investigation! Does Ortiz think that Noah Syndergaard carries around a lightning-controlling fork that only he can pick up? According to Anthony DiComo, there are many gray areas here:  

However, the bird-related explanation seems the most likely:

But we firmly support a Thor/Stork portmanteau. Doesn't a hammer-wielding, long-legged bird sound extremely imposing? Doesn't it? 

OK, maybe we're wrong about that but at least everyone can agree that "Thork" is really fun to say. 

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