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David Price explains 'The Perfect Sit,' a baseball feat for everyone

Price explains 'Perfect Sit,' a baseball feat for all

At long last, there's baseball feat that even us normals can accomplish. While we might not be able to throw no-hitters or mash home runs, there is something pro ballplayers do that even we can pull off.

In an interview with Jim Rome on Wednesday, David Price explained "The Perfect Sit:"

You pick one spot in the dugout and you're not allowed to get up for anything … You're not allowed to get up, there's no bathroom break, you can't get up to go get some water, some Gatorade, sunflower seeds. You have to have helpers in the dugout with you. You're obviously doing the Perfect Sit for the team, so you can get a guy to run up to the clubhouse and get you a snack or get you some water, whatever it is.

But does The Perfect Sit work? Price did his first on June 21:

And the Tigers defeated the Yankees, 12-4.

So, heads up, less athletic fans of the world -- we can bring our teams victory! We can all sit in one place for a few hours, substituting "pizza delivery guy" for "guy who runs to the clubhouse for snacks." Bonus: That time you watched all of "Twin Peaks" without moving? Just go ahead and call it training. 

h/t: The Detroit Free Press

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