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After a 93-year-old Marlins fan was hit by a foul ball, Dee Gordon gave her an autographed bat

Additional reporting and photos via Joe Cervone/ Real-Time Correspondent

We already know the many ways in which Dee Gordon is awesome. He can round the bases like an actual superhero, and is a tireless defender of both proper Kit-Kat etiquette and the artistic stylings of Usher

On Tuesday night against the Phillies, though, Dee finally met his awesomeness match in 93-year-old Marlins fan Janet Balian. Balian was taking in the game with her grandson and his parents down the left-field line, when she was hit in the head by an Odubel Herrera foul ball. To describe her as one tough cookie, though, would be an understatement -- she just slapped an ice pack on it and got back to watching her favorite team.

Marlins fan

And, as it is written in the texts of the ancients, real recognize real, so Gordon felt compelled to give Balian some props -- he came to check on her after the half-inning was over, and later rewarded her with a signed bat:

Gordon fan

But wait, it seemed as though one fan quite literally could not believe what she was seeing. Let's go to the video tape: 

Gordon fan 2

Hey, we can't blame you, that much awesomeness in one sitting would blow our minds, too.