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Watch Derek Dietrich's foul ball weirdly change its mind, roll fair, and earn him a surprise infield hit

Derek Dietrich's foul ball changes course, rolls fair

You watch enough baseball, you think you know what's going on. You develop the skills necessary to identify a ball from a strike (more or less), a catch from a trap, and so on. 

But the concept of "fair ball" or "foul ball"? That depends, but it's usually pretty obvious ... until the Marlins' Derek Dietrich swung at a pitch in Wednesday's game with the Nats

He'd clearly hit a foul ball, a "squibber," as they call 'em, until the baseball decided to change course and make a wild redirection of the sort your dad always threatened to do after leaving on a family vacation unless you kids would just be QUIET back there: 


What? That's just ... huh? Even the camera was justifiably confused on that one.

We've seen odd things happen thanks to the physics at work when ball meets bat -- things like Bryce Harper ripping the cover off the ball with this mighty swing last season, also at Nationals Park:


But not quite as bizarre as the adventure Dietrich had with his moment on Wednesday ... one that left him reacting in pretty much the most appropriate way possible:


We're right there with you, Derek.

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