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Derek Jeter joins Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special

Jeter joins SNL's 40th anniversary special

Just as it's hard to imagine the New York Yankees without their longtime captain Derek Jeter, it's tough to picture Saturday nights without the iconic sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. But, while we will be experiencing the Jeter-less Yankees on Opening Day, we don't have to say goodbye to Saturday Night Live anytime soon -- in fact, on Sunday, we got to enjoy a massive 40th anniversary special honoring the show's run.

And, in the middle of it all was Jeter:

Well, Jeter and Peyton Manning. The two introduced a package celebrating SNL's best sports moments, which naturally included The Captain's famous "Yankee Wives" sketch:

And Jeter took the opportunity to (jokingly) add a line to his already lengthy resume:

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