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Derek Jeter pretends to turn double play, tricks Jason Kipnis as Yankees turn different double play

The Yankees were up 5-3 on the Indians in the eighth inning on Monday night when Derek Jeter played an integral role in a 5-3 double play.

Jason Kipnis was on first with one out and Asdrubal Cabrera was at the dish. Cabrera popped up to Yankees rookie third baseman Zelous Wheeler, but Kipnis was on a tear for second with his head down. As he looked up, Jeter motioned like he's catching a throw and tapped second for the first out of what would be a rare 5-6-3 double play. 

Kipnis slid to break the phantom DP up while Wheeler made the easy catch and tossed across the diamond to double Kipnis up at first. 


Womp, womp.