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After sixteen years, Derek Jeter and Todd Frazier are side by side again

Derek Jeter and Todd Frazier reunite after 16 years

Derek Jeter's last All-Star Game was Todd Frazier's first. But the two have met before. All the way back in 1998, Todd Frazier was a crucial member of the Toms River, N.J., Little League World Series-winning team. He, along with the rest of his squad, was invited to Yankee Stadium to celebrate. 

Originally, Frazier wanted to stand next to someone else:

I was a big Paul O'Neill fan, he was my favorite player. When I saw him, I thought that was the coolest thing, to be honest with you," Frazier said. "Once I saw Jeter, everything changed. I watched the way he went about his business, how he prepared. I was in the dugout at 12 years old, just watching. Everyone's watching home runs go over the fence and I'm watching Jeter and how he goes about his business. I said, 'I want to be that shortstop.'

In fact, Frazier still has signed memorabilia from that day sixteen years ago. And what about Derek Jeter? How does he remember it?

"I remember the Little League teams that come to the Stadium usually come and stand next to us. It means I've been doing it for a long time - a very long time. It's great to see guys that you run into when they're young. There's been plenty of players I've played against that have said I had an opportunity to meet them earlier in my career. I enjoy those stories."

h/t: Cincinnati Enquirer

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