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Daniel Descalso tried to be a ninja to avoid a tag, but isn't as sneaky as he thought

Descalso tries ninja move, isn't sneaky enough

As far as ninja code is concerned, Daniel Descalso has most of his bases covered. He's fast, friendly to his environment and his mind, body and spirit are one. It's the whole "never fight a battle you cannot win" thing that trips him up.

Descalso nubbed a swinging bunt out to Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez on Wednesday night. When Martinez went to apply the tag, Descalso back-pedaled toward home and tried to break out some ninja moves to avoid the out:


Yeah. That's not how you do that. THIS is how you do that:


Descalso was obviously tagged out, but he did live to fight another day. So maybe he can hone his sneakiness for the next time he needs to evade a tag or foil a kidnapping plot. Ya know, whichever.

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