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Let Devon White and Tony Barron remind you how incredible '90s defense was

Relive these catches from Devon White, Tony Barron

The 1990s were a time of surpluses -- of budgets, boy bands, Batman movies … and utterly bananas defensive plays. July 31, in particular, had its fair share.

Just look at this incredible catch Blue Jays center fielder Devon White made to rob Leo Gomez of a home run in '95. It's no mere theft -- that's the baseball version of "Ocean's 11," "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "The Sting" all rolled up into one. And we do mean "rolled":


In '97, Phillies outfielder Tony Barron made a phenomenal catch of his own. It was the top of the fifth inning, and Curt Schilling was on the mound, having allowed only one hit to the Cardinals so far. Barron made sure it stayed that way:

So what if he had to sacrifice his body, bouncing on the turf like a bag of marbles on concrete?


Schilling eventually gave up three more hits and a run, but thanks to a 10th-inning walk-off single from Midre Cummings, the Phillies got the win and Barron joined White as part of the era's legacy of jaw-dropping defense.

But which catch was the most '90s of all? Which deserves to be enshrined in the '90s Pantheon of Stuff Millennials Like to Talk About, alongside Tamagotchis and "Hey Arnold?" You tell us: 

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