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Did Adrian Beltre try to swat at a ball over his head or was it all just a clever mind game?

What mind games were the Rangers playing Friday?

In the bottom of the fifth inning of the Rangers' 3-1 win on Friday, Mariners' first baseman Logan Morrison blooped a single to shallow left field. On its way to Leonys Martin, the ball sailed over Rangers' third baseman Adrian Beltre's head. So Beltre did this:


What, exactly, was Beltre trying to accomplish there? Was he trying to swat the ball in midair with his glove? Maybe, but the ball's path is certainly out of Beltre's reach, and he's holding his glove in his hand, not actually wearing it -- did he consider for a fleeting second throwing his glove at the ball? Did Beltre think he was wearing moonboots and would be able to make the leaping catch? Was he simply keeping everyone on their toes? Was it all just a mind game, an attempt to psych Morrison and the Mariners out? Since Morrison reached first safely, are we the ones who are now psyched out? (I think we're the ones psyched out.)

And that wasn't even the only moment of weird defense the Rangers employed Friday night.

Sure, starter Yovani Gallardo scattered six hits over six innings while striking out three, Neftali Feliz recorded his second save of the season and the Mariners didn't score their lone run until the eighth inning. But there was also Rougned Odor's fumbled-but-still-successful double play with bases loaded in the third:


With one out and the bases loaded, Odor rolled the ball to Elvis Andrus and still recorded the double play.


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