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Did this butterfingered Cavs fan at the Brewers game doom the Cavaliers on Thursday night?

Did this butterfingered Cavs fan doom the team?

As sports fans, we know that our spectating has a direct and meaningful impact on the game that we're watching. Perhaps if we cheered just a little bit harder or waited to get up to get our nachos until after the rally was over, our team would have won. I believe it's the sports-extension of Carl Jung's collective unconscious.

Which means this Cavaliers fan in Milwaukee is going to be feeling plenty of guilt for this moment on Friday morning. 

With the Cavaliers up two games to one over the Warriors as Game 4 of the NBA Finals started on Thursday night, this Cavs fan probably thought he was in the clear to take in the Nationals-Brewers game in Milwaukee. After all, he was still going to wear his LeBron James jersey, his matching wine and gold sneakers and his not-quite-NBA-issued-khaki-cargo shorts. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. 

With great seats one row back from the field, the fan was given a chance to catch a foul pop in the top of the eighth inning off the bat of Wilson Ramos. Unfortunately, he juggled and dropped the ball as if his fingers were soaked in butter. 


Perhaps not surprisingly, the Cavaliers would go on to lose, 103-82, to the Warriors, James scoring just 20 points, his fewest in this year's NBA Finals. 

Sure, one could point to the Warriors' ability to shut down LeBron, but we know the real answer for their loss: It's this guy. Good job, guy. 

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