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Did you know Preston Mattingly plays D1 basketball -- and is a trickshot extraordinaire?

Did you know Preston Mattingly plays D1 basketball?

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly's son Preston has taken his athletic genes from the baseball diamond to the hardwood.

Having spent a few seasons in the Dodgers' organization as a prospect, the 27-year-old Mattingly is now starting for Lamar University's Division 1 basketball team, averaging seven points per game.

And though it doesn't have quite the same ring as Donnie Baseball, Preston told The Indianapolis Star that his father is enjoying it all the same: "I'm doing pretty good. Dad, he loves it. … He's a huge basketball fan, a diehard basketball fan."

If you're looking for highlights of Mattingly hooping, well we have just the thing.

We're waiting for the game when Preston pulls out one of these "that has to be fake" trickshots:

And just look at Father Mattingly proving he still has an arm to be reckoned with ... 

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