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Dispatches from MLB All-Star FanFest: Day 1

While this year's MLB All-Star Game is being played at Citi Field in Queens, the entire city of New York is playing host to the five-day party.

One of the biggest All-Star Events is FanFest -- an enormous meeting place for fans, players, media, and anyone else obsessed with baseball. Think of it like ComicCon for baseball nerds -- lots of booths, games, fare food, autographs, memorabilia, etc. Fans from all over gather and share in their love of MLB.

When I first arrived, I noticed that a few mascots were competing in a sort of home run derby -- specifically Orbit (of Astros fame) and Screech (he of the Nationals).

Orbit had some difficulties knocking 'em out of the park, which made him sad:


While Screech's approach was more about getting the fans involved.


Scattered around the convention hall were tons and tons of awesome jerseys -- easily one of the coolest aspects of FanFest. Here are some of the best ones I caught from Day 1:

This Mets fan was celebrating his love of ole Shea Stadium:


With so many devoting fans, you also get some less-common jerseys -- including this Ken Griffey Jr. one:


As wella s this Andre Dawson/Expos jersey:


Even Bo Jackson says 'hello' at FanFest:


This Athletics fan was lucky enough to get Rollie Fingers to sign his jersey at one of the autograph booths:


Check out this custom Mickey Mantle jersey -- complete with some old World Series patches:


The Yankees were well represented throughout the festival -- here's a fan with a custom Yankees football jersey:


And a Robinson Cano fan dressed in his World Baseball Classic uni:


Although he didn't make the All-Star roster, you can't go too far without seeing a Yasiel Puig fan:


In my opinion, this family is what FanFest is all about -- each member sporting different team attire from all across North America:


Keep checking back with Cut4 (and follow us on Twitter) throughout the All-Star break and we'll show you the sights and sounds from FanFest, the Futures Game, the Home Run Derby, the All-Star Game and so much more.

-- Dakota Gardner /