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Dodgers embarrass rookies by making them mix up superhero universes

Rookie iniations are part of baseball's tradition. At the end of the year, the veteran ballplayers usually make their first-year brethren dress up in all manner of outfits designed to build team camraderie by putting them in ridiculous costumes. 

But this year, the Dodgers completely humiliated their teammates. No, not by the choice of costumes they made them wear, but by mixing up their superhero universes. 

Just look: there's the Ninja Turltles (cool), Captain America (cool), Robin (cool) and a sock monkey (Okay, sure, I love Monkeybone just as much as the next guy). But you know the problem is? They all exist in separate universes! I mean, huh, huh, come on, right? How embarrassing.