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Dodgers fan films himself catching a home run for the second time this month

Dodgers fan films himself catching home run

On Sunday afternoon, a fan at Dodger Stadium not only caught Alex Guerrero's two-run shot in the seventh, he also managed to have the manual dexterity to film himself doing it:


Do you get the feeling you've seen this before? If you're having deja vu or experiencing the weird sensation that you've come unstuck in time, don't worry. This very same thing happened in the very same stadium about three weeks ago:


Both catches were made by the same guy, a 19-year Dodgers season ticket holder name Bobby Crosby (but not that Bobby Crosby): 


He films himself catching homers for his YouTube channel:

But even he told's Real-Time Correspondent Alex Horwitch that two in the same month was "absurd." 

So, you're probably still in the timestream you belong in and not some "Groundhog Day"-esque loop. Well, as far as we know. Have you become extremely proficient at the piano lately?  

Photos and reporting by Alex Horwitch, / Real-Time Correspondent. 

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