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The Dodgers will beat the Cardinals 'when Puigs fly,' says St. Louis' Sign Guy

He's known around these parts as The Sign Guy. That's not the most original nickname ever invented, but that's OK. Because his signs more than make up for it.

The Sign Guy, also known as Marty Prather from Springfield, Mo., is a Cardinals season ticket holder and the brains behind the original artwork that stands out as the granddaddy of all fan-inspired signs at Busch Stadium.

"LA over STL," one sign said, with a big photo of a pig in the middle, "When Puigs fly."

That one got a lot of play before Game 1 of the NLCS against the Dodgers, for obvious reasons. But the Sign Guy doesn't limit his collection to what's current that day. True to #FANtasking form, he has a sign for just about every occasion.

He had some special messages for the Pirates, who were bounced by the Cardinals in the Division Series, and he also has one sign made expressly for ex-Cardinal Albert Pujols: a picture of Pujols, his back to the camera, sits on top of an image of the 2013 NLCS logo, as if he's looking at it.

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