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Does Billy Butler's new BBQ sauce taste like RBIs? [UPDATE: #RallySauce is real -- just ask Eric Hosmer]

Royals DH Billy Butler has released his very own brand of barbecue sauce, aptly named "Billy's Hit It a Ton." Proceeds will be donated to Butler's hunger-fighting foundation of the same name.

Considering Butler's "Country Breakfast" nickname, we'd have guessed he'd try his hand at sausage links or maple syrup first. Nevertheless, he's excited:

Butler's not kidding. Kansas City is basically a barbecue thunderdome, with more than a hundred restaurants within the city limits. But then again, Billy is no stranger to the joys of slow-cooked meats: he already has a sandwich named after him at KC's Zarda BBQ.

UPDATE (6/11):

The Royals are currently riding a six-game hot streak, and we think we know why. Ever since a shipment recently arrived at the clubhouse, Billy's Hit a Ton has been embraced by Butler's teammates as their "rally sauce."

Jeremy Guthrie may be the biggest Billy's Hit It a Ton fan of all:

In fact, the team even welcomed first-round pick Hunter Dozier to Kansas City with his very own bottle of #RallySauce:

UPDATE (6/12):

Who needs Gatorade when you've got Billy's Hit It a Ton? Eric Hosmer got a faceful of barbecue sauce after hitting a game-winning RBI single on Wednesday.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /