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Domonic Brown's front flip over the wall helped Ruben Tejada hit an inside-the-park home run

Dom Brown's front flip led to an inside-the-park HR

There are three ways for a play in baseball to go: The usual way, the "a little unusual but still fairly common way" and the "well, that was unexpected" way.

Let's just say that the second inning of Wednesday's Phillies-Mets game featured that third kind. Because we're pretty sure Ruben Tejada did not anticipate hitting an inside-the-park home run:


And we're really sure Domonic Brown didn't expect to front flip over the Citi Field wall:


And yet, both did: Brown flipped clear over the wall trying to reel in Tejada's hit (he was originally cleared to remain in the game, but exited in the fifth), and without a right fielder to play the ball, Tejada zoomed around the bases to home, scoring Kelly Johnson in the process.

So, yeah -- it was just one of those kinds of plays.