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Dude, where's my walk-off?

It's called the "Zoltan," and it's spreading through Pittsburgh like wildfire.

The Pirates watched Dude, Where's My Car? during a road trip to Atlanta in late April and have since adopted the cult leader Zoltan's hand sign as their official big-play signal.

Rod Barajas was greeted by 24 Zoltan-signing teammates at home plate after his walk-off homer a few weeks ago, and announcers Steve Blass and Greg Brown even wore bubble wrap suits for an inning of one recent broadcast.

Now fans like Nancy and Pat Robertson can be seen sporting Zoltan shirts around PNC Park.

"We got ours on the Internet from a local place in the Southside," Nancy said. "I was surprised with the outcome and I like wearing it."

-- Deborah Hilton

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