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Dugout dish: MLB's best tweets for 2/2

Each morning, we at The Wall will compile a sampling of some of the more light-hearted tweets from Major Leaguers. Comments in italics are not the players’ words.

Bryce Harper: Dinnertime! :) #homemade's No. 2 prospect cooks a delicious ... something.

Steve Cishek: Cookin mesquite chicken with sweet potato and asparagus tonight! Who's hungry?
Bet Bryce Harper is ...

Bill Bray: Went to @Twisted_Root in Roanoke for lunch today. Would highly recommend the kangaroo meat burger. #Delicious ..... Kangaroo tasted a lot like beef, but I thought it was juicier.
See, Bryce, THIS is what you should be feasting on!

Vinnie Pestano: Just had an overwhelming desire for Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits, thank god im too lazy to act on it. #notpregnant #ex/kindastillafatkid
Seriously, guys ... kangaroo is where it's at. Or give Steve Cishek a call.

Dirk Hayhurst: I must once again call on the power of the Twitterverse to help me with a question: Best way to Learn Italian?
By not watching Family Guy. Otherwise, you might begin to talk like this. Or this.

John Axford: My son just farted in my face! #YesItStank

Brad Hand: Whata great movie remember the titans is. #aintnomountianhighenough
Left side! Strong side!

Jacoby Ellsbury: Watching #AmericanIdol to see if I recognize anyone from Portland!
In the past three days, we've seen MLB players cop to watching The Bachelor, Glee and American Idol. So we'll ask you ...

What other guilty pleasures would you find on your favorite stars' DVRs?