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Dustin Pedroia makes his Twitter debut with help from Ric Flair

First off, what an absolutely tremendous handle. @15Lasershow immediately ranks among the best in baseball.

Secondly, Dustin Pedroia introduced himself to the Twitter world in one of the more imaginative ways possible -- with a tribute to The Nature Boy. Ric Flair has a history with the former MVP -- he visited the Red Sox clubhouse before a game late in 2011 to present Pedroia with a championship belt. So including the WWE Hall of Famer in your inaugural tweet is a fair exchange, right? 

Fewer than two hours after joining Twitter late Monday night, Pedroia had already accrued more than 7,000 followers. For what it's worth, Pedroia's teammates are expecting big things:

It's also worth noting that the three-time All-Star was no great fan of Twitter's default profile picture:  

And to top it off, Pedroia's wife joined Twitter with him. Couples who tweet together stay together.

--Matthew Stein /

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