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Eddie Vedder trades in the guitar for a glove ... for the afternoon


It is a well-known fact that Pearl Jam's front man and Evanston, Ill., native Eddie Vedder is a die-hard Cubs fan. Until recently though, his American League team of choice was the Boston Red Sox. 

“I used to follow the Red Sox in the American League," Vedder said,  "but now Theo [Epstein] is with the Cubs -- so I like the Twins.”

Capitalizing on the opportunity, Vedder’s friend -- former Twins player and current FSN reporter Ron Coomer -- invited his family to Safeco Field in Seattle for Saturday's game. The Golden Globe Award winner said he couldn't pass up the opportunity. 

“Usually my favorite place to go to a game is Wrigley Field, but Ron invited me down and we’ve been wanting to go to a game," Vedder said. “He was friends with a couple of other old-time Cubs that I knew, Jose Cardinal and all those guys. Really good guy. All these players seem really, really incredibly great."

Although Vedder hung out in the Twins' clubhouse prior to the game, he took part in the newest craze sweeping the nation  -- Felixing -- in the dugout.

-- Rhett Bollinger and Stefanie Gordon /

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