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They don't allow you to have bees in Episode 38 of the Cut4Cast

They don't allow you to have bees at the Cut4Cast

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Since they ruined Game 2 of the 2007 ALDS for him, we can all assume that Joba Chamberlain is not the biggest fan of midges. We can perhaps go a little further and assume he might even be a little afraid of them. However, after signing a Minor League deal with Cleveland this week, he's going to have to overcome his fear of hordes of flying insects.

Luckily, the Cut4 staff doesn't have to overcome any of its inexplicable baseball fears! Instead, Mike Bertha, Dakota Gardner and Gemma Kaneko are just going to tell you about them on this week's Cut4Cast. Hint: They are also afraid of a specific type of flying insect.

Here's a guide to the episode:

7:09 - Which current MLB team would make the best Saturday morning cartoon series?

17:00 -- What's your inexplicable baseball fear?

25:47 -- If you could have a baseball concept named after you, what would it be?

And here's a selection of some of the episode's best pearls of wisdom:

Mike: The group is led by like, a dog. It's not like they all have master degrees in forensic technology.

Dakota: If Mike Trout was covered in slime and flopping around, there would be bigger issues than you being concerned about shaking his hand. That would be a national crisis.

Gemma: I feel that at any second I could be covered in bees.