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Part of a 'Bachelorette' episode took place at Citi Field, and we're here to recap it for you

Episode of 'Bachelorette' takes place at Citi Field

Baseball and "The Bachelorette" have a long and fruitful history -- last year, a former Brewers prospect even won the show. This season, America's favorite dating show reunited with America's pastime with a group date at Citi Field, presumably because Kaitlyn Bristowe is evaluating her prospective suitors based on how much they love the Mets.

Here's how we assume the date went down (keep in mind that at no point did we turn on the episode's sound):

Here's Kaitlyn discussing the Mets' future with contestant Shawn Booth:


And sharing her reservations about him:


A bachelor also contemplated his fashion choices, regretting that he did not wear socks like the ones pictured behind him:


We also received a brief lesson in baseball terminology:


At the end of the date, everyone gathered on the field for the rose ceremony, where we were left to wonder if the contestants were about to be evaluated on their pitching ability:


There was quite the conference on the mound, so that seems like the most logical explanation:


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