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Eric Chavez beaned Cody Eppley in the head on Tuesday

Before every baseball game, the P.A. announcer reminds the crowd to pay attention to the game, just in case a baseball comes flying into the stands, heading directly for your head as you text your girlfriend. Maybe the players should start listening to that announcement as well.

On Tuesday night, after a routine groundout to third, the Yankees infield started tossing around the ball. Third baseman Eric Chavez then tossed the ball back to pitcher Cody Eppley so the game could continue. Only problem was that Eppley was day dreaming. With his head looking elsewhere, the right-hander got pegged square in the head with the ball.

Thankfully, he just laughed it off, giving us permission to laugh at his misfortune as well. (Skip ahead to about 1:15 to watch the clunking.)

-- Jeremy Moses