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Eric Young Jr., aka Popeye, power-bunted into right field

Eric Young Jr. power-bunted into right field

Eric Young Jr. is probably Popeye, and before Thursday afternoon's Braves-Mets game, he probably ate a can of spinach.

In the first at-bat of the game, the center fielder was not bounded by the constraints of physical strength. His leadoff bunt -- you know, those hits that typically don't travel past the infield -- sailed into right field.


Maybe the ball simply took a weird ricochet off his bat. Maybe he intended to lay down a power bunt. He figured that when facing a team that has won 10 games in a row, as the Braves' opponent for Thursday afternoon had, it would be smart to keep the Mets on their toes.

As he said to's Mark Bowman, "I figured I'd try something different. I know all of [the Mets infielders] like to crash, so I hit it hard enough past them."

Considering he reached first base for a single, "different" definitely worked. 

"My initial goal was just to shoot it in that 4-hole and I got under it just enough to get over his head," he said. "But that was the objective there, to hit it hard enough to get it past them as they were flying in." 

But that doesn't mean Young isn't Popeye, and spinach doesn't give him superhuman strength. We prefer to imagine the world just a little more whimsical. 

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