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Ernie Banks once released a disco single about teamwork

Listen to Ernie Banks' disco single, 'Teamwork'

It probably won't surprise you to learn that many baseball stars have released novelty singles. There's Terry Forster's "Fat is In." The 1990 Reds recorded "Reds Hot." The '86 Mets traded rap verses on "Get Metsmerized." 

What you may find shocking is that the late, great Ernie Banks released one, too. Except he did it in his own style -- with a disco paean to the idea of teamwork. 

Released in 1981 on Wanna Records, 10 years after Banks' last game with the Cubs, "Teamwork" includes lines like:

 "I know I'm not alone when I tag that plate 
and I'll share with you the reason why.
If you want to rate as a baseball great
You need teamwork with the other guy."


"So to make yourself a winner in life's little game
Here's a tip from Ernie B.
Work hard as a team, set a goal for your dream,
and you'll make success your history." 

I'm pretty sure no other Major Leaguer would release a song quite like that. Click here to listen to the track

Of course, Banks also showed off his pipes when he sang the Cubs' fight song, "Hey Hey, Holy Mackeral"

And famously performed with Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field

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