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Celebrate the Esurance MLB Award winners with the GIFs that explain their triumphs

The Esurance MLB Awards, in GIFs

There are some things that just need to be settled with no-bones-about-it awards. Who's the best player, period, in MLB? What was the best play in the field this season? Which MLBer had the best single-game performance? We need to know. For that, we have the Esurance MLB Awards -- featuring industry-wide balloting that includes media, front office personnel, retired MLB players, fans at and SABR. 

Winners in 22 categories were announced Friday, anointing a new class of MLB's best. To celebrate the winners and explain their triumphs, we turn to our trusty friend, the GIF. Check out some of the winners below, and see the full list here

Best Interview

He was up against a Gio Gonzalez, a dog and Steven Matz's grandfather, but with his Chris Farley impression on MLB Network's Intentional Talk, Stephen Vogt officially gave the best interview in baseball this season. About that van down by the river ...


Best Trending Topic

The Blue Jays' ALDS Game 5 comeback against the Rangers won for setting social media abuzz?


Oh right, right. Yes, that make sense. 

Best Social Media Personality

This cements Chris Archer's status as a renaissance man. All-star pitcher, lauded TV broadcaster and now, best in MLB on social media. We can only assume it's because of perfect tweets like this:

Oh, how time dissolves, indeed. 

Best Call, Radio

How does one find the words to capture the transcendent beauty of Bartolo Colon streaking around the bases? How does one describe the indescribable? Mets radio voice Howie Rose found the answer during a May game against the Marlins: "They're timing Colon with a sundial!"

Colon double

Best Player-Fan Interaction

When you leave two adorable Pirates fans shouting "I love you!" from the stands, it's safe to say you're the frontrunner in this particular category. Sometimes, all it takes is a pair of batting gloves and the wonder that is Andrew McCutchen:  

Cutch fans

Best Moment

Bold baserunning? Check. Mad dash to home plate? Check. Saving your team in their quest to clinch the World Series? Check. Impeccable "Major League" reenactment? Check. To win Best Moment of the entire 2015 season, you have to have it all, and Eric Hosmer's sprint home during Game 5 of the Fall Classic certainly qualifies:

Hosmer slide

Best Play, Defense

From leaping tall buildings in a single bound to flying through the air with the greatest of ease, 2015 was filled to the brim with amazing defense. To stand out from the crowd, you had to go the extra mile -- or, more specifically, the third row, like Josh Donaldson did to preserve Marco Estrada's perfect game:

Donaldson dive

Best Celebrity fan

Sure, you may really love your team. You might even fly to see them play in the World Series or spark them to postseason glory with your magical shoes. But even that's got nothing on Will Ferrell's fandom, because he's got 10 favorite teams -- and he's played for them all:


Best Bounceback Player

Prince Fielder may have won Best Bounceback Player for his stellar 2015 season -- after playing just 42 games last year, Fielder slashed .305/.378/.463 and helped the Rangers capture the AL West. Really, though, it was probably the resiliency he showed on the basepaths. Much like Chumbawumba before him, no matter how many times Prince got knocked down by the dreaded third base monster, he always got back up again:

Fielder flop

Best Fan Catch

Catching a baseball coming in at high speed in your beer leaves practically zero margin for error -- the cup is about as big as the ball, after all. But you wouldn't know it from watching this Cubs fan, who not only makes the casual snag but knew exactly how to celebrate:

Cubs fan

And that was just a sampling of the hardware handed out. To check out the Best Video Board Moment, Best Breakout Player and the rest of the winners, head over here