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Watch and vote for your favorite ballpark video board moment from the MLB season

Esurance Awards: Vote for the best video board moment

Video boards are the great ballpark unifier. No matter where you're sitting in the stands -- whether you're right behind the plate or in the bleachers -- everyone watches the same big screen. It's like the early days of television, when you knew everyone was watching the same space shuttle launch you were.

The Esurance MLB Awards are Major League Baseball's way of honoring the greatest achievements from the 2015 season with an industry-wide balloting process. In the Best Video Board category, we're asking you to help decide which big board moment was the best use of the medium. There are some moments, after all, that just have to be seen on the big screen.

Check out some of the nominees below, then click here to see the full list and vote for your favorite. 

A very presidential kiss cam

The kiss cam is there, game after game, doing its duty by slowly panning across the crowd looking for smooches to instigate. They're always cute, sometimes romantic, often funny. But only once this season did the kiss cam give us a presidential smooch:


Harry Caray sings

Thanks to the power of the video board -- and Ryan Dempster's uncanny impression -- Cubs fans can still hear the dulcet tones of Caray lead them through the seventh-inning stretch.

A Bo Jackson surprise

Is there anything more exciting than 37,000 fans losing their minds at the mere sight of Bo Jackson? Maybe, but we have yet to see it in this lifetime.

Vin Scully is coming back!

You might not think of video boards as an important news source in the 21st century, but with an assist from Jimmy Kimmel, the Dodger Stadium board delivered some of the biggest news of the team's season: Vin. Is. Back.

You make me feel like dancing

A Padres staff member knew the one way to turn a rain delay at Petco Park into a rain delight.

Voting will remain open through Nov. 13 at Winners will be announced live on MLB Network and on Nov. 20.