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Evan Gattis homers during his dad's live TV interview, is the son your father never had

Last night, Atlanta Braves rookie Evan Gattis homered in his second Major League at-bat. Pretty cool, right?

Wrong. You know what's cool? Hitting that home run off Roy Halladay. You know what's even cooler? Hitting that home run off Roy Halladay -- in, lest we forget, your second Major League at-bat -- while your father is being interviewed live on the Braves TV broadcast of the game.

Check out his dad's reaction: it's hard to imagine a prouder moment for the Gattis family. We may be a couple months shy of Father's Day, but I think this should count as Evan's gift.

What's that, son? You drew me this picture, all by yourself? That's ... that's great. Tell your mother to put it up on the fridge. I'm going out to the shed now, to think about things.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /